1. fer1972:

    Landscape Paintings by Philip Govedare

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  2. "Your life has thus far been defined by idiots."
    — Magnificent Ruin (via nevver)

    (via nevver)

  4. "You took too long…now your candy’s gone"


  6. "What I thought was an end
    turned out to be a middle.
    What I thought was a brick wall
    turned out to be a tunnel.
    What I thought was an injustice
    turned out to be a color of the sky."
    — Tony Hoagland
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  8. Klimt’s famous “Kiss” imposed over a bombed out building in Syria. Via TIME. #syria #streetart

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  10. A lover of color, like me. Gorgeous paintings and illustrations by my very talented friend Abel Macias. Buy something - its fun to spend money on art! http://abelmacias.net/

  11. mmmmm, Mondrian (via Another Magazine)

  12. poorlydrawnlines.com


    Poorly Draw Lines

    perfectly weird

  13. Another beautiful piece from my friends at Egg Collective.  #design  

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